Getting Prepared

Preparation is everything

Whether purchasing your first home or your tenth – preparation is everything.

Being properly prepared will ensure that you get the running order right.  It will ensure that the offer you make on a new property has the best chance of being accepted.  And it will ensure that you don’t incur needless fees should your mortgage options not be as extensive as you thought they might be.

The team at Borders Mortgage Hub pride ourselves on our knowledge of the overall purchase process, and our ability to best prepare clients for the biggest financial commitment that they’ll ever make.

So what do you need to do?

Preparing to purchase a property is a two-way street, and it does need a bit of “buy in” from you as the borrower.  You’ll need to provide us with information and the various proof documents that we’ll need to provide the mortgage lender with.

So, the earlier we have this info and the documents, the quicker we’ll be able to establish your mortgage options. And by providing all the documents at outset and in good order, we’ll can research the market on your behalf with the highest degree of accuracy.

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