What Documents Will I Need?

Preparation is everything

Providing us with the full suite of documents that we will need, as early in the process as possible, will enable us to do two things:

  1. Research the mortgage market on your behalf, with the highest degree of accuracy
  2. Check all the documents that ultimately need to be given to your mortgage lender, as early in the piece as possible

If you took out your last mortgage a few years ago you’ll probably find that there are more documents required now than there was back then.  This is because mortgage lending has evolved a lot in recent years.  Lenders will leave no stone unturned nowadays, and if they ask for a document then you’ll need to provide it, irrespective of how annoying or intrusive you feel this might be.

However, we’ll keep you right in this regard, and if we have the following documents on file at outset then it will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible:

  1. Proof of identification and address
  2. Proof of your income. Typically, this will be pay slips and P60 if you’re employed or accounts and HMRC tax documents if you’re self-employed
  3. Proof of where your deposit is coming from. If any gifts are involved then the gift donor will need to provide proof as well
  4. Bank statements
  5. A detailed list of all credit commitments e.g. car finance, personal loans. Credit cards etc
  6. A detailed budget planner, outlining your general expenditure
  7. A detailed address history

Don’t worry though, once we know a bit more about your situation we’ll provide you with a tailored list of what you’ll need to provide.

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